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President Obama signs NATIVE Act

Legislation to boost U.S. tribal tourism economic and cultural development
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama signed S. 1579, the Native American Tourism and Improving Visitor Experience (NATIVE) Act Friday.  The Act requires the Departments of Commerce, the Interior, and other Federal agencies with recreational travel or tourism functions to update their management plans and tourism initiatives to include Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and Native Hawaiian organizations.   Full Story:

“Team STS was the first  major tourism group to express support for the goals of the NATIVE Act and it is with great appreciation that I share this news with you. Thanks for everything!” 
Lenna M. Aoki, General Counsel, Senator Brian Schatz

Tourism Means Economic Development

In a struggling economy, tourism continues to be one of the few economic bright spots, generating $813 billion in spending annually, creating $124 billion in tax receipts and supporting 7.5 million jobs nationally. Tourism is proving to be essential to the economic vitality of communities throughout the country, however, as with every economic sector, tourism’s situation is precarious. A dip in the economy, a natural disaster or bad summer season is all it would take to create serious financial loss. It is a loss that would have a ripple effect throughout the Southeast and the nation. Select the image on the left for STS 2016 Travel & Tourism Policy Priorities.


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The Centennial Find your Park Flag

A specially designed Centennial flag (2’ x 3’) available for purchase to the tourism community. The flags can be flown from a standard flag pole, mounted to a wall or framed and hung. Flying the Centennial flag will allow hotels, tourism offices, welcome centers, restaurants, museums, stores, and other tourism-related businesses to show their support for the National Parks and demonstrate the importance of the parks to local economies.

Celebrate and display theCentennial Find your Park flag - Purchase Yours HERE

“Celebrating the Special Places of the Southeast”

A video slide show of the national park sites in the Southeast and their park rangers. Showcasing the special places of the Southeast and the exceptional park staff who make visiting an amazing experience, this presentation builds on Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary to build media and public awareness of the celebration of the Southeast’s special places.