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  • Free consumer listings in the Escape To The Southeast annual travel guide
  • Free consumer listings on and a 3-month complimentary enhanced presence there for new members
  • Complimentary Escape to The Southeast Travel Guide for welcome center or hotel distribution see:
  • Top notch education and networking for the regions tourism professionals with Marketing College, Spring Symposium and Fall Forum
  • With more than 900 Travel Marketing Professionals –there is a great network of alumni that know tourism makes our region of the US the best educated among travel professionals in the nation
  • Representing our industry and its interest in Washington, DC with industry professionals traveling to Washington to visit our Federal and elected officials about issues facing you and our region (Congressional Summit on Tourism)
  • Publications like Tourism Works!, a compilation of community-level success stories, and The Federal Tourism Directory for distribution to Members of Congress, demonstrating that tourism touches nearly every community and giving our representatives the guidebook to the managers of tourism at the federal level
  • Bi-monthly email newsletters with information about STS and our members; and Travel and Tourism Talk (T3), a quick read covering timely industry topics of general interest
  • Top 20 Event program - winning events tend to get a lot of coverage by media, and you can find more Information here:
  • Job Boards - list a job, find a job
  • Brought the best in recognition to your community with Shining Examples Awards that highlight the best in our region
  • And a responsive, caring staff, engaged leadership and a family of professionals looking out for our region’s success.

Members sustain our programs as we advance the interest of our industry throughout the years, you’re your membership will be part of creating an environment for future growth and opportunity for you, our region and our industry. We hope you decide to become part of STS to make your organization stronger. 

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