Looking for ways to meet and present your destination’s story ideas to the top regional travel writers and media? Travel Media Meetup events give you that very chance.

What is Travel Media Meetup?

Pineapple Public Relations will connect you with the top tier media in a key market in one dynamic event that gives you quality one-on-one time with the media to learn what they are looking for and also have time to share your story ideas. This is the perfect time to pitch editorial for upcoming festivals, seasonal angles, unique lodging offerings, new news etc. 

How much is it to participate in Travel Media Meetup?

For STS members, the rate is an affordable price of only $950. Even if you’re working with a PR consultant/agency, this complements your efforts, yet saves the expense of researching the media and arranging deskside briefings.

Where can I sign up or get more information?

Keep posted for event announcements and links to register. Feel free to contact Jennifer Nowicki at Pineapple Public Relations for questions.

Past Successes

We have had such success in key media markets – Birmingham (2016 & 2014), Atlanta (2015 & 2013), Nashville (2017), Charlotte (2015), Jacksonville (2013) and more. We are happy to connect you with TMM veterans who can further explain the benefits of participating.

What have past destination attendees said?

Media you want to work with and a lower cost than national area events!

“I had a great time. What I enjoyed most was being closer to our home base so that the media that attended fit our target market very well. We sometimes do events in larger cities like New York and have a much broader spectrum of media and writers that aren’t always at the root of our demographic.  We are interested in what events you are hosting in the spring.” – Jekyll Island Club Hotel

What have past media attendees said?

Plenty of story ideas for new editorial pieces!

“I wanted to say how classy and educational the marketplace was. You did a wonderful job of putting it all together, and it was so easy for the writers to interact with the tourism officials. I have several story ideas for next year.” – Contributor, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, The Washington Post

Words from sts: 

“While we always plan for a successful Travel Media Meetup, Deborah Stone and her team at Pineapple Public Relations have taken this highly anticipated event to the next level. Utilizing her expertise and professionalism, Deborah has formulated TMM into a dynamic experience for the participating destinations and travel writers; an experience that is continuously sold-out prior to each occurrence thus reflecting its immediate success for the attendees. We could not be more pleased with the product Pineapple Public Relations continuously delivers.”

-Bill Hardman, President of Southeast Tourism Society

Stay tuned for more details on the next Travel Media Meetup!